This online course is designed to certify you as a Mindfulness Teacher. This training awards 100 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

This training will give you 2 certifications: Certified Mindfulness Teacher & Certified Mindfulness Practitioner.

This online program will help you achieve a quantum leap in your personal and spiritual development, whilst giving you the necessary tools to promote your professional skills, no matter what your present profession. The course is offered in user friendly in “easy to understand” English. Norwegian participants may complete written tasks in Norwegian if desired. You can choose how fast you wish to progress and complete the course.

Aims and objectives:

The Mindfulness Teacher Training Course is designed to provide you with essential knowledge, skills and presuppositions to become an effective Teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation. 

NOCNA/Paradigm follows a core syllabus offering minimum competencies, knowledge and practical skills for certification. Through the online learning activities and assignments, you will discover how to recognize and utilize basic patterns of language, physiology for meditation and inner experience to develop competence with fundamental mindfulness and meditation training tools and techniques.

As a Mindfulness Teacher you will have an effective skill-set that creates awareness of factors affecting mindfulness practice. These are powerful tools and skills for everyday life, whether you are a coach, NLP Practitioner, health professional, business coach, psychologist, teacher, or active in any other professional field. You will learn about the psychological factors that determine mindfulness practice, and how awareness and knowledge of the subconscious interaction between thoughts, feelings and actions results in practical competency and achievement.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate as a Certified Mindfulness Teacher. You will be allocated with 100 hours of CPD Credits/Points on your Certificate.

Learning outcomes:

The Mindfulness Teacher Training course is open to all who would like to enter the world of Mindfulness. It’s for individuals who are passionate about helping others to unleash their inner potential, relaxation and coping skills and inner resources. There are no pre-requisites and the course is open to all.

•    Learn basic mindfulness and meditation skills and techniques
•    Learn how to practice mindfulness in everyday life
•    Learn about the importance of breathing, visualization and presence
•    Learn concentration techniques to overcome mental restlessness
•    Understand how to use visualization, different forms of meditations, and nature meditations
•    Your use of voice as an aid to meditation
•    Learn skills for instructing individuals and groups in mindfulness
•    Develop personally and professionally as an authentic Mindfulness Meditation Teacher 

Minfulness Teacher Course is a wonderful toolbox for changework and personal development; for developing coping skills and resiliency, identifying and accessing resources and creating the necessary emotions for motivation and drive. As a Mindfulness Teacher you will have a solid toolkit for working with individuals and groups within health, sport, business, personal development and career. It is also perfect for you personally if you want to develop as an individual within different areas of your own life and personal and professional development. It is a perfect supplement for your career achievements and aspirations. Successful Mindfulness Teachers use powerful, effective and inspiring techniques for growing stronger mentally and emotionally. These techniques are essential when working with athletes, corporate people, coaching clients, sales and marketing people and achievers.

As a Teacher of Mindfulness you are:

•    Committed to your own spiritual growth and to assisting others in their pursuit of awareness.

•    Aware of the biological, mental, psychological and spiritual aspects of meditation and mindfulness

•    Experienced in a variety of meditation and mindfulness practices

•    Experienced in guiding meditations

•    Experienced in different forms of meditation practice

This training program aims at helping you achieve a quantum leap on your spiritual path, whilst at the same time providing you with the tools and skills necessary to enhance your current professional skills, whatever your field. The format is user-friendly and can be studied from the comfort of your own home. Teachers certified will have completed 100 hours of online training with assignments and homework. The course is designed for busy people. Although intensive, it is easily compatible with full-time employment or studies. During the course you will receive written and audio assignments to complete for certification.