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Magic Begins Where Logic Ends


Sertifisert Mindfulness Practitioner


Diploma in Aromatherapy

This course is designed especially for people wanting to learn how to use essential oils in everyday life. Aromatherapy is an ancient, health promoting method that uses essential oils for physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.


Certified Mental Trainer (30 CPD)

The Certified Mental Trainer is a high quality online course. This training introduces you to the world of mental training and teaches how knowledge from mental training can be used in different contexts. This training awards 30 CPD credits.


Diploma in Crystal Healing

Crystals, stones and minerals have been used for thousands of years. The beauty of crystals and precious stones has intrigued and inspired men for centuries. Mineral kingdom is the oldest form of life on earth, and crystals is the highest aspect of t


Fear of Flying

Empower yourself and overcome your fear of flying. Elisabeth, an airline Captain and Hypnotherapist will provide you with easy- to- learn, yet effective coping tools to be used before and during the flight.


Certified Mindfulness Practitioner

This online course is open for you who wish to learn more how you can use mindfulness in your everyday life. The course is 100 % online. It is open for all.