Diploma in Crystal Healing

Learn about the Power of Crystals for Healing.

Crystal Healing for Your Everyday Life

Learn how to use your crystals

Find Personal Power through the use of crystals

The beauty of crystals and precious stones has intrigued and inspired humans for centuries. The mineral kingdom is the oldest form of life on earth. Along with air, water and fire, crystals and minerals are from what all life springs. Crystals radiate energies, and they can amplify the energy of our intentions, thoughts and feelings. They have been used throughout the ages for empowerment, health and ornamentation. Crystals can be used in daily life, for self-development, self- healing, in the home, the workplace and for healing other people, animals and the earth.


Empower your Daily Life

Increase your Energy!

Crystals have metaphysical powers and unique energies. They work differently with different people and situations. Since the times of Atlantis and earlier, people of ancient cultures have used stones and crystals in spiritual rituals and for support in physical healing. Crystals are wonderful tools for healing, for raising awareness as an aid for meditation and for acquiring wisdom.



Part 1 Crystal Healing

Part 2 History of Crystals

Part 3 How to choose and care for crystals

Part 4 Crystals in the home and everyday life

Part 5 Chakras

Part 6 Using crystals for manifestation

Part 7 Ritual uses of crystals

Part 8 Meditating with crystals

Part 9 Crystals and Gems Reference Section

Part 10 Scientific uses of crystals

Part 11 References and Literature


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About Your Instructor

Gillian Godtfredsen

Gillian Godtfredsen

Doctor of Metaphysics

Doctor of Metaphysics
PhD Holistic Life Coaching
Certified NLP Master Trainer
Registered Healer
Registered Health Coach
Certified Professional Coach
Educational Developer
Mentor Trainer & Mentor Coach
Certified Mindfulness Teacher  
Certified Hypnotherapist  
Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner  
ANLP Trainer member

CEO Nordic Coach & NLP Academy/The Paradigm Academy

Board Member and NOCNA Head Coach "Help for self-help is the best help of all." says Gillian Godtfredsen who created the motto 40 years ago.

She is the pioneer and entrepreneur who has founded The Paradigm Academy for Holistic Studies & Nordic Coach & NLP Academy. The 6 most important signature strengths chosen by colleagues: vision, determination, discipline, strength, heartwarming.



Crystal Healing

Choosing Your Crystals

Crystals in the Home

Practical implications

Meditating with Crystals

Crystals for Manifestation


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