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The Mental Trainer course is open to all who would like to enter the world of Mental Training. It’s for individuals who are passionate about helping others to unleash their inner potential and resources, set goals and achieve them.

Have you ever wondered about the difference between peak achievers, and those who are just trying? A Mental Trainer has a whole toolbox of techniques to transform the tryer into an achiever.

Do you want to learn more about what it takes to become a peak achiever? And learn how to train the mind for desired physical and emotional results? Would you like to know the tools for more focus and better performance? Mental Trainer Certification Course is a wonderful toolbox for changework; for developing thinking, identifying and accessing resources and creating the necessary emotions for motivation and drive.

As a Mental Trainer you will have a solid toolkit for working with individuals, groups and teams within health, sport, business, personal development and career. It is also perfect for you personally if you want to develop as an individual within different areas of your own life. It is a perfect supplement for your career achievements and aspirations.

Successful Mental Trainers use powerful, effective and inspiring techniques for growing stronger mentally and emotionally. These techniques are essential when working with athletes, corporate people, coaching clients, sales and marketing people and achievers. The course includes the following topics:

  • Attitudes
  • Focus
  • Coaching questions
  • Commitment
  • Getting mentally tough
  • Motivation
  • Emotions
  • Awareness
  • Visualization
  • Mindfulness
  • Goalsetting
  • Developing a vision
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Strategies

This online training introduces you to the world of mental training and teaches how knowledge from mental training can be used in different contexts. This training awards 30 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Aims and objectives:

The NOCNA Mental Trainer Certification Course is designed to provide you with essential knowledge, skills and presuppositions to become an effective practitioner of Mental Training. NOCNA follows a core syllabus offering minimum competencies, knowledge and practical skills for certification. Through the online learning activities and assignments, you will discover how to recognize and utilize basic patterns of language, physiology and inner experience to develop competence with fundamental mental training tools and techniques.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn basic mental training skills
  • Learn how to create compelling, successful goals (well formed outcomes)
  • Learn how to understand oneself and others when it comes to performance
  • Learn about the importance of physiology and state management
  • Learn about the importance of physiology and state management
  • Learn about how attitudes, commitment and motivation affect performance
  • Learn how breathing, visualization and mindfulness is essential for performance

You can progress with your online studies at your own tempo. You can choose how fast you wish to complete your course, and you can deliver your assignments as and when you wish.

As a Mental Trainer you will have an effective skill-set that creates awareness of the factors that build identity and self-esteem.

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  • 1

    Introduction to the Certified Mental Trainer Course

    • Welcome to this course in Mental Trainer!

    • Introduction to Certified Mental Trainer

    • Mental Trainer part 1 Introduction

    • Assignment Set 1 Mental Trainer: Introduction

  • 2

    Certified Mental Trainer Meditations

    • Joyful Heart Meditation

    • Workplace Mindfulness

    • Future Self Meditation

    • Natural Healing

    • Healing Journey

  • 3

    Certified Mental Trainer Course Contents

    • Mental Trainer part 2 Goalsetting

    • Assignment Set 2 Mental Trainer: Goalsetting

    • Mental Trainer part 3 Coaching Questions

    • Assignment Set 3 Mental Trainer: Coaching Questions

    • Mental Trainer part 4 More Coaching Questions

    • Assignment Set 4 Mental Trainer: More Coaching Questions

    • Mental Trainer part 5 Getting Mentally Tough

    • Assignment Set 5 Mental Trainer: Getting Mentally Tough

    • Mental Trainer part 6 Attitudes

    • Assignment Set 6 Mental Trainer: Attitudes

    • Mental Trainer part 7 Commitment

    • Assignment Set 7 Mental Trainer: Commitment

    • Mental Trainer part 8 Success and Motivation

    • Assignment Set 8 Mental Trainer: Success and Motivation

    • Mental Trainer part 9 Focus and Concentration

    • Assignment Set 9 Mental Trainer: Focus and Concentration

    • Mental Trainer Part 10 Developing and Communicating a Vision

    • Assignment Set 10 Mental Trainer: Developing and Communicating a Vision

    • Mental Trainer Part 11 Visualization and Achievement

    • Assignment Set 11 Mental Trainer: Visualisation and Achievement

    • Mental Trainer Part 12 Mindfulness

    • Assignment Set 12 Mental Trainer: Mindfulness

    • Mental Trainer Part 13 Breathing, Relaxation and Awareness

    • Assignment Set 13 Mental Trainer: Breathing, Relaxation and Awareness

    • Mental Trainer part 14 Strategies

    • Assignment Set 14 Mental Trainer: Strategies

    • Mental Trainer Part 15 Values and Beliefs

    • Ethics and Practice for Mental Trainer Students

    • Assignment Set 15 Mental Trainer: Values, Beliefs & Ethical Practice

    • Mental Trainer Course Completion

    • Online Course Evaluation Mental Trainer

    • Name and Contact details for CPD credits

  • 4

    Sound & Media

    • 5 steps to mental toughness

    • What is mental training?

    • Create your winning mindset

    • How to focus your mind

  • 5


    • NOCNA NLP video presentation

    • What does a Mental Trainer do

    • Mental Strength

    • Building your mental strength

    • Visualization for releasing tensions in neck and shoulders

    • Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth

    • Singing Bowl

  • 6

    Mental Training - Practice

    • Mental Training - Practice

  • 7



About Your Instructor

Doctor of Metaphysics

Gillian Godtfredsen

Doctor of Metaphysics, PhD Holistic Life Coaching, Certified NLP Master Trainer, Registered Integrative Therapist, Registered Health Coach, Educational Developer, Certified Professional Coach, Mentor Trainer, Mindfulness Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner. Board Member and NOCNA Head Coach "Help for self-help is the best help of all" says Gillian Godtfredsen who created the motto 40 years ago. She is the pioneer and entrepreneur who has founded The Paradigm Academy and NOCNA. The 6 most important signature strengths chosen by colleagues: vision, determination, discipline, strength, heartwarming.

The Academic

Melinda Merunada

PhD, Certified NLP Master Trainer, Masters Degree in Medical Science, Masters Degree in Public Health, Masters Degree in Adult Education and Education with Social Psychology, Physiotherapist, Registered Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Professional Coach, RYTA 500 Registered Yoga Teacher, Dancer, Advanced Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness- and Meditation Teacher, Mediator in NOCNA, the deputy chairman and chief trainer, "Academic and the eternal student it is me ....." says multi-professional Finnish Melinda. She is one of the world's most highly academically educated NLPers and is committed to quality in teaching. The 6 most important signature strengths chosen by colleagues: dedication, discipline, creativity, goal awareness, focused, conscientious ...

The Pilot

Elisabeth Tanum

Pilot, ATPL-A, Airline Captain, Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Business Coach, NLP Coach, Leadership Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Registered Health Coach, Sports Coach, Certified Business Coach. Elisabeth has long experience with management from the airline industry. At the age of 24, she became a professional pilot on Boeing 737. At the age of 30 she was appointed flight crew, and then held full responsibility for both aircraft, crew and passenger safety. Elisabeth is co-owner and board member of NOCNA. She is NLP Trainer and Certified Hypnotherapist has also been a teacher in child and youth school and has experience in sales. In addition, she has been an active athlete and football coach for children and youth. The 6 most important signature strengths chosen by colleagues: positive, solution-oriented, goal-conscious, courageous, humorous, accomplished.

Mental Trainers aspects

The Mental Trainer highlights aspects such as motivation, goal-setting, vision, strategies, emotions and attitude and commitment.

  • Motivation

  • Goal-setting

  • Vision

  • Successful Strategies

  • Emotions

  • Attitude & Commitment


Accredited Course


A. Gordan

Leader, Mental Trainer

It was a big pleasure to be a student of this online Mental Trainer course. It was very interesting to read all the material that was provided in this course, and I enjoyed the practical part as well. I gave this course my very best and put a great effort to all my assignments and other exercises. The best part is that it felt so natural and easy to understand and implement all the learnings.

E. Jensen

Mental trainer, Personal Trainer

The experience of the course is that it’s a good way to work step by step. It’s an effective way to complete the course. I work as a personal trainer, so the use of mental training is quite relevant. If a client has a problem/case can mental training be a useful tool to help the client fix the problem/case. I can use mental training to be an even better conversation partner for my close ones. The tasks and exercises felt good and relevant, so I’m happy with the content I’ve been working with. I am happy about my knowledge in mental training. I feel I have a good platform to further develop my mental training skills.

K. Naley

Mental Trainer, Coach

Veldig fornøyd med kurset og opplevelsen av kurset, som en som har hatt vansker med læring alle mine år på skolen så var dette en liten selvtillitsboost, det har nok litt med at det virkelig er noe jeg interesserer meg for også, men fremdeles er opplevelsen av kurset og dets oppbygging og oversiktlighet veldig bra.


Musician, Mental Trainer

I have had a very good experience with the Mental Trainer course. The E-books have been easy to read and understand with easy, clear and accessible material. The course have been well structured, both learning wise, but also the logistic of the website. I like that the assignments have been open to reflection and interpretation. I think the tasks /exercises have been good. They have been very open and I have always had the option to write them or do a video/audio.

C. Vebner

Mental Trener, Fotballcoach, Profesjonell Coach, Helsecoach

Jeg synes dette har vært et svært bra kurs, og synes det har gitt meg faglig påfyll og motivasjon både privat og profesjonelt for å fortsette som coach. Jeg er veldig fornøyd med oppgavene underveis. Jeg synes vekslingen mellom tekst, oppgaver og lydfiler har vært bra, da jeg liker variasjon. Jeg var sertifisert Business & NLP Coach, Helsecoach og Kostholdscoach på forhånd, i tillegg til at jeg har interessert meg mye for mental trening så og si hele livet. Jeg bruker dette både bevisst og ubevisst på daglig basis både på meg selv, familien (kanskje spesielt viktig mht barna), og som fotballtrener.


Mental Trainer, Life Coach, Mindset Coach

The overall experience of the online Mental Trainer course has been wonderful and beneficial in many ways. The content of the course was quite thorough and well paced. It also provided a great foundation and framework to build upon, no matter what one’s level of knowledge was when starting the program. My level of knowledge has expanded ten folds in the duration of this course and has sealed a sense of professionalism into my work as a coach/ mental trainer.

C. Nyblom

Mental Trainer, Leader, Coach

I found the course inspiring and I am more motivated to get started now than I was before the course. At the start of the course, I had almost no knowledge. I have put a lot of effort into the course. I found the contents interesting and easy to learn (easy language). I can use Mental Training to deal with difficult colleagues, and I can use mental training as my career. I can use Mental Training when I am competing with my horse, to up my game and perform even better. I found the tasks/exercises interesting. I am very satisfied with my knowledge at the end of the course.

M. Farsund

Mental Trainer, Leader

I am very happy with the course. I got a deeper understanding of Mental Training and learn useful exercises and how to change your thoughts and see things from another perspective and get unconsciousness to adapt which was very interesting. The slides were very informative. A nice setup of the course. I am very satisfied with the tasks and the way it gives me freedom to interpret what I have learned.

M. Eriksen

Mental Trainer, CEO, Consultant

The overall experience is that I have worked through a course made by experienced and professional trainers. I have used Mental Training for personal development both personally and in my career. I have gained confidence, changed my lifestyle and mindset. I will use Mental Training to help others, to motivate and spread positivity in my workspace and career. I can guide and help my family through life’s challenges, help them to create good habits, to take better decisions and to be a good role model. I am satisfied with the tasks and how the course is built. Mental training is essential for make lasting and big changes in your life.

H. Einerkjær

Salgsansvarlig, Mental Trener, Business & NLP Coach, Certified Professional Coach

Strukturen passet meg godt, med oppdelte temaer; kunnskap og oppgaver. Innholdet var fantastisk spennende og noe jeg håper og tror at jeg vil kunne bruke i både med mine kolleger og familie. Nyttig på jobb: Jeg kan bruke det jeg har lært både i relasjon med kandidater som søker på stillinger og som rollen som salgsansvarlig (inkl. salgscoaching).

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