Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Become an Expert Within Positive Lifestyle Change

Become a Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Work With Motivation & Lifestyle Behaviour Change

The Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant online course is a high quality course developed by Nordic Coach & NLP Academy (NOCNA) & The Paradigm Academy. This online training introduces you to the world of lifestyle and positive lifestyle behaviour change. This training awards 100 hours of Continuous Professional Development Credits (CPD).

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In this course we will have focus on creating a healthy lifestyle, which is one which helps to keep and improve people´s health and well-being. Healthy living is a lifelong effect. The ways to being healthy include aspects such as healthy eating, physical activities, weight management, positive psychology and stress management. During this course we hope you will develop your understanding of the relationship between lifestyle behaviours and health.

The Health & Lifestyle Consultant course is open to all who would like to enter the world of Lifestyle Training. It’s for individuals who are passionate about helping others to unleash their inner potential and resources, set goals and achieve them. There are no pre-requisites and the course can be taken flexible online in your own time.

As a Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant you have knowledge and tools for being able to engage with individuals and use basic skills of awareness, engagement, and communication to introduce the idea of lifestyle behavior change and to motivate individuals to consider/think about making changes to their lifestyle behavior(s).  When you study and integrate the learnings further, you will be able to select and use brief lifestyle behavior change techniques that help individuals take action about their lifestyle behavior choices which may include starting, stopping, increasing or decreasing lifestyle behavior activities. The long term goal is that you will be able to select and use appropriate techniques and approaches to provide support to individuals as they change their lifestyle behavior(s) and facilitate individuals to maintain these changes over the long term.



  • Welcome To This Course
  • Definitions of Lifestyle
  • Assignment 1 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Motivational Interviewing and SMART Goals

  • Motivational Interviewing and Definitions
  • When is MI used - and What To Expect
  • The Theory and Main Principles of MI
  • NLP Interview (audio)
  • How to Formulate SMART Goals
  • Change of Plan Worksheet
  • Assignment 2 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Health, Wellness & A Healthy Lifestyle

  • Health and Healthy Lifestyle
  • HELP Philosophy
  • Health and Wellness as Integrated States of Being
  • The Wellness Wheel
  • Health and Wellness Questions
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing
  • Assignment 3 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Physical Activity & Inactivity

  • Physical Activity and Inactivity
  • Physical Activity and Health
  • Getting Started with Physical Activity
  • Lifestyle Coaching for Physical Activity
  • SWOT for Physical Activity
  • The Exercise Wheel
  • Assignment 4 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle

  • Healthy Nutrition Introduction
  • Developing Healthy Eating Habits
  • Start Where You Are Right Now
  • Path To Improved Health
  • Things To Consider
  • Nutrition Coaching Questions
  • Before Starting Questions
  • The Nutrition Wheel
  • Logical Level Questions for Nutrition
  • Strategy for Healthy Nutrition
  • Creating a Healthy Nutrition Strategy
  • LOSE Weight Model
  • Assignment 5 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Lifestyle and Addictions

  • Lifestyle and Addictions
  • Addictions of Modern Lifestyle
  • NLP and Addictions
  • What does an Addiction Lifestyle Consultant do?
  • Types of Addiction Lifestyle Coaching
  • What Happens Through Addiction Lifestyle Coaching?
  • How can NLP be used in Addiction Treatment?
  • Using the NLP Meta Model
  • Goals or Outcome Specification
  • Case Study Alexander - Addiction Treatment
  • Beliefs in the Treatment Process
  • Assignment 6 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Work-Life Balance

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Work/Life Balance Coaching
  • Achieving a Work/Life Balance
  • Before Work, At Work and Recovery from Work Stress
  • Measuring Stress
  • Assignment 7 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Emotional Fitness

  • Emotional Fitness
  • What is Emotional Health?
  • Emotional Fitness Exercises
  • More Emotional Fitness Exercises
  • Happiness Questions
  • Assignment 8 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Mental Hygiene and Personal Empowerment

  • Personal Empowerment 1
  • Personal Empowerment 2
  • The Power of The Mind
  • Assignment 9 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Environment, Nature and Health Promotion

  • Environment, Nature and Health Promotion
  • Build Healthy Public Policy
  • Developing Personal Skills & Moving Into The Future
  • Assignment 10 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Holistic and Spiritual Awareness

  • Holistic and Spiritual Awareness
  • Becoming Whole & Listening To Your Heart
  • Joyful Heart Meditation
  • Joyful Heart Meditation - Guided Meditation
  • The Heart-Brain Technique
  • Assignment 11 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Stress Management

  • Stress Management
  • Reactions To Stress and How We Think
  • Signs and Consequences of Stress
  • How To Manage Stress
  • Stress Management Techniques and Tools
  • Physical Relaxation Techniques
  • Health and Stress Questions
  • Assignment 12 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Healthy Sleep

  • Healthy Sleep Benefits
  • Theories of Why We Sleep
  • Sleep, Learning and Memory
  • Healthy Sleep Tips
  • Assignment 13 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Positive Psychology

  • Positive Psychology
  • Foundations in Positive Psychology
  • Positive Psychology in Lifestyle Work
  • The PERMA Model
  • Flourishing
  • Flow
  • Practical Exercises from Positive Psychology
  • Assignment 14 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Values in Lifestyle Coaching
  • Values Bridging
  • Identifying Your Life Goals
  • Working on Goal-Setting
  • Have a Big Enough Reason For Your Goals
  • Creating a Vision - Exercise
  • Affirmation Statement - Exercise
  • Take Massive Action and Assess Your Results
  • Assignment 15 Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Final Multiple Choice Exam - Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant

  • Final Multiple Choice Exam - Certified Health & Lifestyle Consultant
  • Certification and CPD Credits - Practical Information

About Your Instructor

Gillian Godtfredsen

Gillian Godtfredsen

Doctor of Metaphysics

Doctor of Metaphysics
PhD Holistic Life Coaching
Certified NLP Master Trainer
Registered Healer
Teacher of Metaphysics
Teacher of Health Coaching, NLP Coaching, Business Coaching
Training & Education Developer
Mentor Trainer & Mentor Coach
Teacher of Mindfulness & Meditation
Teacher of Hypnosis

Founder of Nordic Coach & NLP Academy and The Paradigm Academy

Board Member and NOCNA Head Coach "Help for self-help is the best help of all." says Gillian Godtfredsen who created the motto 40 years ago.

Mother of 3, Grandmother of 4, owner of 3 dogs and 1 cat. Loves the great outdoors.

She is the pioneer and entrepreneur and the 6 most important signature strengths chosen by colleagues are: vision, determination, self-discipline, strength, passion and wisdom.


About Your Instructor

Melinda Merunada

Melinda Merunada

The Academic

PhD, Doctor of Education
Certified NLP Master Trainer
MSc in Psychology
MSc in Medical Science
MSc in Public Health
MSc Public Health Sciences
M.Ed. Adult Education
Teacher of Health Coaching and NLP Coaching
RYTA 500 Registered Yoga Teacher
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
Professional Member of The British Psychological Society (BPS)
Advanced Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Study Director in NOCNA. She is an academic and one of the world's most highly educated coach/NLPer. The 6 most important signature strengths chosen by colleagues are: dedication, self-discipline, creativity, goal awareness, focused, conscientious.


About Your Instructor

Elisabeth  Tanum

Elisabeth Tanum

The Pilot

Pilot, ATPL-A
Airline Captain
Certified NLP Trainer
Certified Professional Coach
Certified Business & NLP Coach, Leadership Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist
Registered Health Coach, Sports Coach
Certified Business Coach
Teacher of Business Coaching

Elisabeth has long experience with management from the airline industry. At the age of 24, she became a professional pilot of Boeing 737. At the age of 30 she was appointed Airline Captain, assuming full responsibility for both aircraft, crew and passenger safety. Elisabeth is co-owner and board member of NOCNA.  She has been an active athlete and football coach for children and youths. Her 6 most important signature strengths chosen by colleagues are: positive, solution-oriented, determination, courage, humor, friendliness.



Lifestyle Behaviour

Health & Healthy Lifestyle

Motivational Interviewing

Awareness of Health & Holistic and Spiritual Awareness

Stress Management

Physical Activity and Nutrition


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